For many creative entrepreneurs marketing is just one more thing on the list. We get it. Your list is long and the overwhelming things usually get pushed to the bottom. But, marketing is the no. 1 thing you need to focus on if you want to grow. You can waste a lot of time - and time is money - trying things that just don't work. So, if you've taken advantage of all the free resources and free webinars you can find, but are still having trouble knowing where to start or which direction to go, this is for you.

During your 90 minute marketing intensive we will address all of your biggest marketing concerns and help you sort out where to start and what to focus on. Prior to your one-on-one intensive we will have you fill out a detailed business questionnaire so we can hit the ground running.



We know investing in more into your business is not always something that is feasible, but we believe firmly that if you aren't focusing on marketing and implementing the right strategies it doesn't matter how much you've already invested.