are you ready for full service marketing management?

If you know the value of a comprehensive marketing strategy, but the thought of adding it to your plate and doing it yourself is completely overwhelming, this is for you. We will evaluate where you are and where you want to be, then put together a comprehensive plan to hustle with grace and grow your brand with integrity.

Our full service management strategy will include:

  • Managing your social media platforms (up to 3)
  • Building and maintaining your Pinterest account
  • Creating content - images, graphics, blog posts, social media posts, etc.
  • Creating and implementing an email marketing strategy to grow your email list
  • Lifestyle blog management
  • SEO optimization and management for your website
  • Pitching to magazines, bloggers, and websites for features
  • Bi-weekly progress reports with analytics

Our Full Service Marketing is month-to-month, though we recommend an initial 3 month commitment. This allows us to develop and implement the systems your business will need to thrive and gives us time to get you off to a great start. At the end of your 3 month plan we will prepare your DIY Roadmap at no additional cost if you choose to take over your marketing efforts. Or, we can continue to manage your marketing efforts and continue working to drive traffic and sales.


We know investing in more into your business is not always something that is feasible, but we believe firmly that if you aren't focusing on marketing and implementing the right strategies it doesn't matter how much you've already invested.