The No. 1 Way to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

If you use Instagram in your business you know ALL about the algorithm. For most of us it is like a four letter word that we don’t want to talk about or even mention. And, if someone does mention it, instant and extreme anxiety swallows you whole.

I am here to tell you though, the algorithm doesn’t have to be your biggest enemy. If you know how to work with it, it can and will be your new best friend.

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So, first things first. Let’s take a look at the Instagram algorithm and what it looks like in 2019.

Today, Instagram gives each user a personalized feed. It is no longer chronological, and hasn’t been since 2016, and has an emphasis on who Instagram perceives as your family and friends.

Now, this isn’t a bad thing. Before this change if you weren’t scrolling through Instagram close to when someone you followed posted something, chances are you would miss it. Today, it doesn’t matter when someone you follow, are close with, posts. You will likely see it. But, here’s the issue. For brands, this means the only way our followers are going to see content is if the algorithm perceives it as something that is quality content that people want to see.

How do we achieve that?

It’s simple, engagement.

Okay, okay. It’s not that simple. Yes, the concept is simple - just get more people to engage with your content - but the HOW is the challenge. Thankfully, there’s a hack for that.

Are you ready to learn the No. 1 way to get your posts to consistently rank higher in the algorithm?

Post saves.

When someone saves your posts it signals to the algorithm, more than a like or a comment, that it is quality content. It is like Instagram gold.

Now, this feature is not new. Instagram rolled it out in 2016, but what is new is how the algorithm ranks the feature. And, if you’ve been watching the save feature closely you know that earlier this year Instagram started allowing you to group your saved photos into boards and you can make those boards public or private - can you say Pinstagram?

Currently you can’t follow someone’s collections, but I’m almost willing to bet money that it’s in the pipeline. Especially when you combine that with the fact that shopping on Instagram is being tested with a select few merchants. Remember, Instagram is a for-profit company and their goal is to keep you in the app as long as possible. They don’t want you leaving the app to go shop somewhere else, and they don’t want you building your lists of your favorite things on another platform. It is to their advantage to bring all of that to one app. Makes sense to me!

So, how do you get people to save your photos?

Join an engagement group that is focusing on saves. Not sure where to find one, well, it just so happens that Hustle + Grace Co. has a FREE engagement group that focuses on just that. We have 5 posts daily and our only rule is that you are honest in reciprocating in the threads you choose to participate in. 

Another way to gain saves is to encourage your followers to save the images they like. Add an easy line at the end of your post (Ex. Like what you see? Use the flag in the bottom right corner of the image to save this post!).

Now that you understand the algorithm a little more and how you can make it work for you I hope you feel inspired, motivated, and ready to take back control of your social media marketing!