Are all your eggs in one basket?

What if Facebook shut down? What if Instagram disappeared? Would your business survive? Here's the No. 1 thing you need to do for your business!  #buildyourbusiness   #marketingstrategy   #bosslady   #growyourlist   #emailmarketing   #mailchimp

Are all your eggs in one basket?

It’s Easter Week and we’ve been dyeing eggs, filling plastic eggs, hunting for eggs, and on and on - so I’ve got eggs on my mind!

All those eggs - and the morning news - got me thinking. Are you putting all your marketing eggs in one basket?

Unless you’re living under a rock I’m sure you’ve seen that Facebook is in a bit of hot water. (Apparently people thought the personal information they posted on Facebook was private and not being shared - really though?) So, what if Facebook shut down? Or, what if Instagram disappeared? Or what if Pinterest - wait, what was that you said? You aren’t using Pinterest to drive traffic? I’m shocked, but not surprised. (I’ve got a few Pinterest tricks up my sleeve and those tips are coming for you soon! But, that’s for another post.) So, back to Facebook closing its doors.

What if it happened.

Would your business survive?

It’s a scary question - especially if all those eggs you worked so hard for are in one basket. If you’re relying solely on Likes (or Follows, or Pins, or heck even Tweets) to market your business and drive traffic then the answer is probably NO. But, the good news is it’s not too late to change that and the social media channels that are such powerful tools for our businesses probably aren’t going anywhere soon. Thank goodness, right?

So what do you do?

You build an email list.

Why? Because you OWN that list. You see, your social media followers aren’t really yours - even if you’ve chunked thousands towards sponsored ads - there’s no rent-to-own option!

Easy. Right?

Yes! It is, I promise. And to help you get started without stressing I’m putting together a step-by-step guide and email series to walk you through the process.